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Broadway Elegant  © 2022

1. The Crabs (2019)

Vocals - Rebecca Gethings, Coreal

Music production by Frosbeatz

2. Crank It Up (2019)

Vocals - Bliss, R. Gethings, Coreal

Music production by Frosbeatz

3. Only The Lonely

Music production by Frosbeatz

4. Bow Your Heads (2019)

Produced by Coreal

5. Dope Music (2019)

Produced by Coreal

6. Chaka Zuly My Daddy (2019)

Music production by Frosbeatz

7. Dead Earth

Music production by Boomerang

8. You Are Listening to WASS

Vocals - Chunk

Produced by Coreal


9. The Rockstars

Vocals - Chunk, Coreal

Produced by Coreal

10. Park Ave Rollin

Vocals - Y. Coles, T. Ruffin, R. Gethings,


Produced by Frosbeatz

11. Last Tag

Produced by Coreal


Thanks to the listeners for the continued support and putting me in your playlists. It's important. It means a lot. Thank you for those who encourage me to keep pushing with this music. Peace to Chez and Q who are always ready for that video shoot. Peace to Kenny and Jason. Ty, thank you for the builds; you the DJ, I'm the Rapper since Plainfield days...West Fifth Street. 1986. Heavenly shouts to Snoopy & Supreme. Black book raps and knapsacks...that's Plainfield, baby! Thank you Samir (@samir2art112) for allowing me to display your dope work as the album cover art. Peace to Fult Tilt. Chunk, thanks for putting up with me. Peace be with you, all. ✌🏽

Writing, Production & Recording - Coreal

Mixing/Mastering -Fult Tilt Studios

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