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Prince With a Thousand Enemies - 3000 x 3000.jpg

Prince with a Thousand Enemies  © 2019

1. Ravens of Nevermore

Produced by Coreal

2. High

Music production by Frosbeatz

3. Der Dey Go

Vocals - Q. Tyson, Coreal

Produced by Coreal

4. German Whips

Vocals - Jesse James, K. Wilson, Coreal

Music production by Mojo

5. Y'all Still Beefin?

Vocals - Q. Tyson

Produced by Coreal

6. Two For 1 Special

Vocals - Coreal, K. Wilks

Produced by Coreal

7. Throw That Glove

Vocals - Coreal, T. Shelton, Y. Coles

Music production by Coreal

8. Takin The Piss

Vocals - Rebecca Gethings

Produced by Coreal


9. Fly Baby

Vocals - Coreal, Y. Coles

Music production by Frosbeatz

10. Poppin

Vocals - Coreal, T. Foster

Produced by Coreal

11. Not Today Frith

Produced by Coreal


Peace and thanks to Kenny, Quentin, Jesse, Illy and Gervais and Rebecca for your efforts on this project. Thank you to Meike Hakkaart (@artofmaquenda) for allowing me showcase your work for the album's cover art. Thank you to Jason for the quality sound engineering and flexibility when I've asked for a song adjustment or remaster (for the 10th time). Thank you for those who put up with me through this project; it has been worked, worked some more and could probably use a little more work. Thank you to the listeners. Peace be with you, all. ✌🏽

Writing, Production & Recording - Coreal

Mixing/Mastering -Fult Tilt Studios

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